Welcome to GearHouse Brewing Co

We are a small craft brew pub, aiming to produce high-quality, farm influenced ales and lagers with a focus on supporting our local resources and highlighting the Cumberland Valley region of Central Pennsylvania



Our story began in 2014, when Heather and LaVan Gray introduced their newest friends, Erin and David Kozloski, to Candice and Jessee McMath. All six of us were sharing common interests: enjoying and sharing craft beers, biking (the one you pedal), and good food. We took it upon ourselves to make a beer together, and things rapidly started happening from there. We all live locally, in Chambersburg, PA, and are passionate about what we do; as we constantly aim for the best in quality and highest in standards.

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We at GearHouse Brewing Co strive for great beer. Our Head Brewer, David Kozloski, has been professionally fermenting alcoholic beverages for over 12 years, and brings his variety of experiences into every beer he creates.
You may not find the same beer each visit, but we hope you find great beer in your glass every time!

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Interested in working for GearHouse Brewing Co.??

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The Kitchen at GearHouse produces innovative dishes that complement the full line of beers.