Here are all of the beers GearHouse has brewed and served to date:

(the following beers are no longer available, but we always want to hear your feedback!)

IPA #1 The first of many IPAs to come from GearHouse, this beer was brewed as a nod to the traditional American IPAs from the west coast. Brewed with malted barley, caramel malts and a little flaked oats, and generously hopped with Apollo and Columbus to give the piney, herbal, resinous notes of the style 6.4% ABV / ~ 65 IBUs

Canary in the Coal Mine – The first ever batch brewed on the GearHouse BrewHouse was a huge success!, and we will continue to try to keep this lively blonde ale around. Brewed with malted wheat, Bonlander Munich and malted barley, and gently hopped with Simcoe and Czech Saaz hops  5.5% ABV / ~15 IBUs

Birch Run Brown – Darker than you might expect, this first run of our brown ale is heavy with notes of coffee, chocolate and toffee from the 8 different malts it was brewed with  6.3% ABV / ~ 30 IBUs

Multi Grain Saison – Take the traditional French Saison yeast strain, add: barley, flaked oats, malted wheat and rye; and then lightly bitter it with the earthy tones of Mt. Hood and Chinook hops; and you get this fantastic, almost farm-house style, Saison! 6.0% ABV / ~ 20 IBUs

The Mad Machinist – The first ever batch of Double IPA from the GearHouse Brew Crew. Heavily hopped with Mosaic, Centennial, and Columbus, this beer will be any hop-head’s new favorite!  7.7% ABV / ~90 IBUs

GearHouse Porter – Brewed with 9 different malts, and Nathan Miller Chocolate, this dark, complex beer will help keep you warm for the rest of the winter season. Strong notes of Coffee, Toffee, Caramel and Chocolate  7.4% ABV / 20 IBUs

LIAR-LIAR! (Pants on Fire!) – The second edition of the GearHouse IPA series. This smooth, balanced, Imperial Rye IPA was brewed with 10% Rye, and hopped generously with Apollo and Chinook to help show the spiciness the rye brings to the glass. Named for the first test batch, when one of our owners got too close to the flame while brewing, and burned a hole in her nylon hiking pants  8.0% ABV / ~ 65 IBUs

GearHouse Pale Ale – A light bodied, but hoppy Pale Ale. Brewed with flaked oats and barley and hopped generously with Centennial, Mosaic and Wakatu  4.6% ABV / ~ 40 IBUs

Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Porter 53 gallons of our very precious GearHouse Porter spent 40 days in a Thistle Finch Distilling Rye Whiskey barrel. Notes of whiskey, oak, rye, chocolate, coffee, toffee, and vanilla bring a whole new definition of complexity  5.5%ABV / 20 IBUs

ConocoGIN – This special release of the GearHouse Birch Run Brown Ale, spent 46 days in a Gin barrel, and was re-named for the (sometimes) muddy stream, the Conococheague Creek, that runs from Michaux State Forest, east of Chambersburg, all the way down to the Potomac River, in western Maryland  6.3% ABV / 30 IBUs

Session IPA – A true hybrid; this beer is a session style India Pale Ale, melded with the recently famous New England IPA. Very pale in color, and slightly cloudy; it was brewed and hopped with Apollo, Centennial and Columbus hops for a fruity, juicy, crisp, refreshing, and very, very, very hop-forward beer  4.4% ABV / ~ 80 IBUs

IPA #3The newest version of the GearHouse IPA series, heavily hopped with Warrior, Cascade, Columbus and Centennial, this beer is definitely showing its piney, resinous and herbal West Coast IPA roots  7.5% ABV / 70 IBUs

Soulless Red Ale – The newest beer from GearHouse is around just in time for St Patrick’s Day! A beautiful, malty, almost ruby-red ale, balanced with Centennial and Golding hops, brings this “Americanized” Irish Red Ale together  6.1% ABV / ~50 IBUs

Saison de Rhubarb – Our classic Multi Grain Saison, with barley, wheat, oats and rye; brewed with a French Saison yeast strain to help impart a peppery, spicy character to this beer; hopped with earthy Mt. Hood and Chinook hops, and balanced with the acidity and tartness of 40 pounds! of Heirloom Rhubarb 7% ABV / 20 IBUs

Pump Track Pale Ale – Our newest addition to the Pale Ale lineup, this beer is brewed with Mosaic, Centennial, Cascade and  Columbus hops, added at different times of the process. A portion of the proceeds for every pint sold will be donated to the local bike park expansion  5.8% ABV / ~ 45 IBUs

The Cat that Ate the Canary Blonde – A classic beer for those who aren’t into the hoppier or darker offerings at GearHouse, made with a touch of both red and white malted wheat, German Munich malt, and gently bittered with Czech Saaz hops  5.6% ABV / ~ 20 IBUs

Shifting Gears IPA #4 — The newest IPA from our GearHouse Shifting Gears IPA Series is our first of the “single hop” style. Brewed with 2-row and caramel barley malt, and only hopped with Amarillo for a strong grapefruit and citrus character             6.2% ABV / 65 IBUs

GearHouse Amber Ale — A new addition to the lineup, this toasty, malty ale is geared toward our less hoppy friends. Brewed with 2-row malted barley, CaraRed, Melanoidin, and Special B, then hopped lightly with Centennial and Goldings for a lightly bittered, mostly malty, slightly sweet classic Amber  5.9% ABV / 15 IBUs

ESBConsidered by many brewers to be the precursor to the traditional IPA, this beer is a combination of a little malty and a little hoppy. Brewed with US Goldings and German Northern Brewer hops to show a floral, slightly spicy finish 6.3% ABV / 45 IBUs

GearHouse Hefeweizen – Due to the number of requests, and the changing of the weather, we have brewed a traditional German Wheat Bier. Made with over 52% malted wheat, and hopped with the Noble German Hallertau and Tettnanger hop varietals, and fermented with German yeast which help show it’s natural banana and clove characteristics  6.01% ABV / 20 IBUs

Shifting Gears IPA#5 – Our next taste of the GearHouse Shifting Gears IPA Series showcases the Amarillo and Nugget hop varietals paired together in equal amounts, brewed with caramel 10, caramel 60, and 2 row malts  7.0% ABV / 65 IBUs

The Barkness — A new recipe for GearHouse, this beer is (loosely) based on a home-brew recipe we found from the famous Firestone Walker’s Wookey Jack Cascadian Dark Ale. A dark, hoppy ale, brewed with midnight wheat, caramel malts, barley and flaked oats, then finished with Amarillo and Centennial hops… think “Black IPA”  6.3% ABV / 50 IBUs

GearHouse KolschOur newest addition, this beer is brewed in traditional German style with 2 row barley, Vienna, and white wheat malts, then hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Czech Saaz hops that add a slightly spicy note, paired with it’s dry, crisp finish   5.2% ABV / 15 IBUs

Canary in the Coal Mine Blonde (Batch #6) — A beer for those who aren’t into the hoppier or darker offerings at GearHouse, made with a touch of malted white wheat, Munich malt, and 2 row barley, then gently bittered with Czech Saaz and Simcoe hops      5.7% ABV / 20 IBUs

 Angelic Red Ale — The fraternal twin to our former brew, The Soulless Red Ale, this American Red Ale will show its maltier side with notes of raisin, fig, toast, and fresh baked bread, backed with a touch of sweetness, as opposed to its hoppier (evil twin) sister…   6.5% ABV / 20 IBUs

Trail Angel – This new species in the brewing world the Hopfenweiss, is based on a traditional German Wheat style ale, but specifically brewed with Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon hops for their fruity, melon-like aromatics. Then, we added coriander seed and dried orange peel–similar to a traditional Belgian Wit style–imparting mildly spicy, floral notes   4.8% ABV / 15 IBUs

$1 of every pint, crowler, and growler sold will be donated to Sweet Grace Ministries

Puzzling Pils – The newer twist on an “old” favorite; this Czech/German blend lager is smooth, crisp and refreshing. Brewed with German Tettnanger and Hallertau Tradition, then finished with Huell Melon and Hallertau Blanc hops,  that all combine to add something special, quizzical even  6.2% ABV / 25 IBUs

 Shifting Gears IPA #7 – Our next version of the Shifting Gears IPA Series showcases the Belgian-Style IPA! Brewed with Nugget and Amarillo hops, and fermented with a Belgian Ale yeast, for a nice balance of spice, dank, and citrus…  7.3% ABV / 70 IBUs

Spruce Tip Pale Ale — Built from our Pale Ale recipe, we added 5# of freshly harvested spruce tips–the bright green, new growth on certain species of pine trees–sourced from the yard of one of our owners’ local Norwegian species. Look for the heavy citrus notes of orange and lemon to combine with the spicy, piney notes of the spruce tips that were added at the end of the boil, and a hefty dose of Vitamin C   5.8% ABV / 60 IBUs

Erdbeeren — The summer heat is here, so come taste this classic Berliner Weiss Style named after the German word for “Strawberries.” A tart, semi-soured, traditionally light bodied German brew for those hot days… ours was brewed with 50# of fresh strawberries from one of our very own local growers: Country Creek Farms   5.5% ABV / 15 IBUs

GearHouse Stout — Looking for that “meal in a glass” kind of beer? You’ve found it! Brewed with 9 different malts, 3 different hops, and fermented cool with an English yeast strain that leaves a touch of sweetness behind; to bring out notes of roast, caramel, chocolate, coffee, old leather, and earthy hints of spice  7.5% ABV / 40 IBUs

Mad Machinist (Batch #5) — Our Double IPA has fast become one of the most popular beers we make! Brewed with Warrior, Centennial,  Eukanot, Mosaic and Columbus hops, this high test meld of old and new IPA style of brewing brings tons of aroma to a balanced, hoppy, and distinctly clean bitter finish that’s piney, resinous, and citrus dominant   8.3% ABV / 80 IBUs

GearHouse/Pizza Boy Collaboration! — This single hop IPA, brewed here at GearHouse, showcases a newer hop for both breweries: Zythos; said to give strong notes of pineapple and tropical fruits; we went nuts and brewed this batch with over 3 pounds/BBL of hops!  7.1% ABV / 65 IBUs

Single Speed #1 — The newest lineup for GearHouse, our Single Hop IPA Series!! All subsequent Single Speeds will be single hop recipes. This First was brewed with the relatively new varietal, Jarrylo, to bring out red and berry fruit flavors and faint aromas of papaya and pineapple  7.4% ABV / ~45 IBUs

Single Speed #2 – The second of our newly named Single Hop IPA series presents itself with big, bold flavors of light toast, fresh cut pineapple, guava and papaya fruits, and finishes with a zesty bitterness: all from the Zythos hop varietal  7.9% ABV / 70 IBUs

Belgian Wit — Since our wheat beers seem to be flying through the taps, the Brewer decided to throw everyone a line-change, and brewed a traditional Belgian-style Wit: with 52% white wheat, German Pilsen malt, Coriander, orange peels, and true Belgian yeast  4.5% ABV / 15 IBUs

Whiskey and Bourbon Barrel-aged Chocolate Porter: The third round of our GearHouse Porter, brewed with Nathan Miller milk chocolate, has been aging for over three months inside one Thistle Finch Distilling Straight Rye whiskey barrel, and one (unknown) bourbon whiskey barrel provided to us by Molly Pitcher Brewing  ~9.5% ABV / ~40 IBUs