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(AS OF: 11/10/2017)

The Big Ring — Our first production batch of a “strong ale/barleywine” hybrid. Higher gravity was achieved by the addition of 60# of PA wildflower and clover honey; then we added Dark Belgian Candi Syrup, and a combination of specialty malts, for flavors of roast, toffee, coffee, fig, raisin, honey and browned toast. Brewed with Apollo, Cascade, Golding and Simcoe hops to compliment the malty characteristics

8.7% ABV / ~40 IBUs

$7/13oz Tulip

Pfirsiche — pronounced “P-FEER-zickah”–meaning “Peaches” in German–this is the next rendition of our take on the traditional sour style: Berliner-style Weissbier: typically known as a soured wheat ale. Brewed with over 50% white wheat, Munich and Vienna malts, and over 75 pounds of fresh peaches from Weiser Family Farms

5.0% ABV / ~12 IBUs

$5/13oz Tulip

Nathan Miller Chocolate Porter — Brewed with 9 different grains, three different hops, and finished off with the ever famous Nathan Miller milk chocolate touch… dark, earthy, roasty, malty, and… CHOCOLATEY!!!

6.0% ABV / ~30 IBUs

$5/16oz Pint

Canary in the Coal Mine *SPECIAL RELEASE*— A truly special batch of our very popular Blonde Ale: this recipe has been in the works for over 5 years! Brewed with almost 70 pounds of hand-foraged PAW-PAWS (the “North American cousin of the banana,” especially native to the Appalachian east coast) from just south of the PA border, these fruits add a subtle banana and guava note to the beer…

4.8% ABV / ~12 IBUs

$5/16oz Pint

Single Speed #3 — Our Single Speed Series is a single hop IPA, for our hoppy IPA-styled beer loving friends; each batch is the same grain recipe, but with a different hop showcased all by itself. Single Speed #3 is made with the Citra Hop: widely known by most beer nerds and fans for its heavy notes of grapefruit, orange rind, and citrusy dankness…

6.4% ABV / ~75 IBUs

$6/16oz Pint

Shifting Gears #9 — Our evolving IPA Series, Shifting Gears, is a different kind of IPA with each numbered batch. #9 features the use of Maryland grown Merlot and Syrah grapes to create a wine-like body inside a “traditional” IPA; then we paired it with Bravo, Amarillo, and Jaryllo hops to compliment the blend of flavors

7.4% ABV / ~50 IBUs

$6/16oz Pint

Liar-Liar (Pants on Fire!) — This Imperial Rye Pale Ale is brewed with over 10% malted rye, North American 2-row barley, and flaked oats; then paired with Apollo, Cascade, and Chinook hops to bring out the peppery spiciness that rye imparts to beer

7.1% ABV / ~65 IBUs 

$6/13oz Tulip

Dunkelweizen — “Dunkel” in German means “dark” and “weiss” means “wheat.” This Dark Wheat beer is brewed with traditional German malts, hops, and yeast; with the addition of a newer malting process that produces “Midnight Wheat” from Briess Malting Co., we are able to make a darker colored beer without the added complexities that other dark malts provide

4.1% ABV / ~12 IBUs

$5/16oz Pint

Fist Full of Hops! (Fresh Hop Pale Ale) – Another new batch from GearHouse… brewed with a simple, light malt bill of 2-row, Pilsen malt, German Vienna and flaked oats, bittered with Bravo hops, and THEN we added the entire harvest from our hop yard to the end of the boil! Light notes of citrus, pine, & fresh cut grass balanced with the light grainy notes of toast and cereal

4.50% ABV / 12 IBUs

$5.50/16oz Pint

Saison de Rhubarb — Brewed with a whopping 50# of fresh Rhubarb, mostly grown onsite at GearHouse Brewing Co., to help compliment this multi-grain recipe made with wheat, oats, barley, and rye; then Simcoe and Chinook hops; and fermented with the ever-peppery, spicy French Saison yeast strain 

6.3% ABV / ~20 IBUs

$6/13oz Tulip

Hefeweizen — We have brewed another batch of our traditional German Wheat Bier! Made with over 52% malted wheat, hopped with the noble German Hallertau and Tettnanger hop varietals, and fermented with a Bavarian German yeast strain known for it’s natural banana and clove esters

4.5% ABV / 12 IBUs

$5/16oz Pint

Pizza Boy Collaboration — Brewed onsite at Pizza Boy Brewing, we re-created our first batch of the Pump Track Pale Ale as a collaborative fund raiser for the greater Cumberland Valley cycling community. Brewed with Pilsen malt and a hefty amount of flaked oats (reminiscent of those New England IPAs) and hopped heavily with the same hop as our first collaboration IPA at GearHouse: Zythos…

5.8% ABV / 40 IBUs

$5/16oz Pint

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Thistle Finch Distilling Co



Angelic Red – We started this beer as an American Red ale,  but we decided this beer should be a little old and a little new mixed together…Brewed with a subtle blend of Caramel Malts, Centennial and Cascade hops, and fermented with a traditional English yeast strain to better show all the malt character…

expected release: waiting for a TAP!

Soulless Red – We’ll call her the evil twin sister, as she’s the hoppy one of the famliy… the identical twin to the Angelic Red, but with A LOT more hops added…

expected release: waiting for a TAP!

Shifting Gears #10 — Our ever-evolving IPA Series, Shifting Gears, is a different kind of IPA with each numbered batch. #10 features the White IPA style; brewed with 40% white wheat and 15% flaked oats, then we paired with Bravo, Citra, Wakatu and Mosaic hops to compliment wheaty malt character

 expected release: waiting for a TAP!

Single Speed #4 — Our Single Speed Series is a hop forward focus for our hoppy beer-loving friends: each # batch is the same grain recipe, but with a different hop showcased all by itself. This version is the Motueka Hop from New Zealand: specific aroma descriptors include distinctive fresh crushed citrus with background hints of tropical fruit

expected release: waiting for a TAP!

Kolsch — Brewed with over 70% traditional Pilsen malt, and brewed with German hop varietals like Huell Melon and Hallertau Blanc to bring out a fresh, crisp, refreshing light ale… guaranteed to satisfy even on a cold day…

expected release: December, 2017

Bock — Lots of repeated requests for another GearHouse lager have put our brew team into action… Brewed with 2 row, German Munich and Specialty malts, and hopped lightly with traditional German Noble hops like Northern Brewer, Hallertau Tradition and Tettanger, and cool fermented with a Bavarian Lager strain

expected release: February, 2018


Our current Barrel-Aging Beers:

GinAry Blonde: The third run of this piney, floral, juniper forward beer is based from our light blonde ale, Canary in the Coal Mine; will incorporate a second Gin barrel, freshly emptied by our friends at Thistle Finch Distilling, so that we could make a little more just for you to enjoy

(expected release: waiting for a tap!)

Demonic Red: A special release “triplet” sister of the Angelic and Soulless Red Ales, this batch was brewed as an Imperial version of the Angelic Red Ale, but specifically for aging in two gin barrels: one from Thistle Finch Distilling and one from 1/8 Distilling

(expected release: February, 2018)

Imperial Stout: Dark, rich, and complex are the only ways to describe such a beer… Brewed with 8 different malts, three different hops, and gently resting in our Thistle Finch Distilling Straight Rye whiskey barrels

(expected release: February, 2018)